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Welcome to the BCM!

Learn a Little About Who We Are and Who We Serve! 


Our Purpose Statement

"Because of what God has done for us, we want to exemplify Jesus Christ and to provide opportunities for students to become more like Him, a loving and obedient follower of God."

What is BCM?

Georgia Southern University's Armstrong campus' Baptist Collegiate Ministries collaborates with neighborhood churches, the Savannah Baptist Association, and the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.
The Armstrong facility is not far from where our ministry is. We are a group of individuals that are eager to serve God! We meet every Monday for bible study and serve free meals for lunch every Wednesday! Come Join! 




The BCM has helped me tremendously because it has given me a chance to truly experience what it is like to be a servant of all. Along the way, it has brought me great fellowship and love. They encourage me to better and to have a place of vulnerability. It feels like FAMILY. 


The BCM helped me develop theologically through Bible studies and one-on-one meetings with the campus minister while I was on leadership! I also had the opportunity to use my spiritual gifts and learn how God has made me to serve His church. 


The BCM is simply a place for God's people to fellowship, lift each other up, and have fun together. It is so important for college students to have a place where they can go that feels like home, and that is what the BCM has been for me:)

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